Ticaboo On Lake Service - About Us

Dan and Syd Auster

Ticaboo On Lake Service, established in 2006, is a family owned and operated company, that provides houseboat management services to its customers. The company goal is to provide you the best service possible so that you may enjoy your time at Lake Powell and not dread the unexpected.

Dan and Syd are experienced business owners with more than 20 years of private business ownership and success in the Customer Service Industry. Their former business, Flamingo Bingo, served the Denver, Colorado community for 14 years and was successful, do in large part, to their dedication to the customers needs. That same dedication exists with Ticaboo On Lake Service. 

In 2002, their house boating trips became an annual vacation, an addiction if you will, to the majesty and beauty of Lake Powell. They coordinated vacations with their family and friends from their Lakewood, Colorado home; with the desire to share the Lake Powell experience. 

That same year they became owners and a part of the Lake Powell boating community, buying into a 75' Houseboat named Desert Illusion.

Dan became President and Chairman of the Board of Desert Illusion later that year, and still holds that position today. After years of experience in this position, it has helped them to understand the specific concerns, complaints and expectations that all owners have regarding their boats. Dan and Syd believe good boat management is essential to ensure that each owner has the best total vacation experience.

Dan and Syd are confident they have the right personnel on their staff to service your needs. Ticaboo On Lake Service has qualified and experienced mechanics on hand which gives them diversity in seeing to the maintenance or repair needs of your houseboat, cruiser, personal watercraft or power boat. Additional members of their staff live and/or worked at Lake Powell and understand the need for customer service and the desire to have an enjoyable worry free vacation.

Together, Dan, Syd and their Staff, in their bright blue and orange shirts, have more then 30 years of houseboating/management experience; experience that provides you the best service possible.